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Extension Numbers of Military Training Office 07-8060505#13603~13604

Military Training Office Emergency Contact Number: 07-8034727

Military Training Office Fax Number: 07-8034727



Introduction of the Military Training Office of the National Kaohsiung University ofHospitality and Tourism

1. Organizational Summary
The office currently contains 1 director, 3 officers (including 1 Student ServicesSection chief and 1 Student Housing Service Section chief), and military training officer, for a total staff size of 5.
2. Summary of Military Training
Military training is separated into 4 major themes: “military training education”, “campus security maintenance,” “student life assistance,” and “large event operations”.
(1) Military Training Education:
“Military Training Curriculum for All-Out Defense Education” includes 5 categories: “international relations”, “national defense policy”, “defense mobilization”, and “national defense technologies”. This curriculum is compulsory for the 1st year of 4-year collegiate programs and the 1st and 5th year of 5-year technical programs of daytime and part-time departments. Elective classes may be established depending on actual demand.
(2) Campus Security Maintenance:
This program is active 24 hours a day all year long. Officers are assigned to cover the duties of responding to on-campus and off-campus emergency accidents, conducting “earthquake and disaster prevention exercises” to familiarize students with disaster response measures, and incorporating traffic safety, anti-fraud, anti-drugs, online safety, rental accommodation safety, parttime employment safety, and event safety education into educational curriculums to improve response capabilities and knowledge among students, reduce incidences of accidents, and reduce incidental injuries, and thus maintain campus and student safety.
(3) Student Life Assistance:
This program executes life assistance matters including student dress code requirement assistance, conduct education, demerit removal, off-campus rental accommodation assistance. Assistance officers shall infuse their responsibilities with all-out defense curriculums and hopefully establish amicable and trustful relationships with students, improve assistance efficiency, and develop positive attitudes among students so that graduates can subsequently seamlessly enter and excel in their respective industries.
(4) Assistance with “Large Event Operations” of the University:
This program assists with large events, including “new student initiation assistance”, “instructor appreciation ceremonies” at the start of semesters”, “instructor farewell ceremonies” at graduation, and “school celebrations”.
3. Goal Development and Future Prospects
(1) Realize services and assistance for students.
(2) Maintain the safety of the campus and students.
(3) Encourage positive conduct and attitudes among students.
(4) Develop professional attitudes among students.
(5) Promote all-out defense education.
(6) Establish consensus for national security.